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"The last feather" animated short film project

Mr Francolin is a lonely bird that is looking for a mate in a vast Shirvan prairie. Little does he know that that there are not many black francolins left in the prairie...

Black Francolins, already extinct in Spain, Italy and Greece, could disappear from another land - Azerbaijan.


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"The last feather" animated short film project a collaboration between an artist and animator Firangiz Baghirova and Azerbaijani poet Leyli Salayeva.

In November 2021 the project pitch won first place prize at the Annecy MIFA Animated Film Project Pitching Workshop in Tbilisi Georgia

As a prize, in October 2022, Firangiz participated in a one-month artist residency in the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud in France, organized by NEF Animation, where she went as the director of "The last feather" animated short film,

We are looking for financial support to make this film.

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